5 Things You Might Not Know About Selling Your Home in Highlands Ranch

September 3, 2023

A dining area with light cabinets, a wooden table and chairs, a large window, a wood beam ceiling, and a hardwood floor.
As the largest master-planned community in Colorado, Highlands Ranch has plenty to offer prospective buyers. With 26 parks, more than  70 miles of trails, and a vibrant downtown with unique shops, restaurants, and wine bars, there is never a shortage of entertainment. Yet, the community maintains a peaceful environment free of the hustle and bustle of Denver.

With so many attractions, it's easy to become overconfident about selling your Highlands Ranch property. However, the nuances of the market can make the process challenging. Highlands Ranch homes for sale range from townhomes and single-family houses to luxury mansions on sprawling estates. Your listing must be expertly crafted to target the right buyer for your unique property and showcase everything your home offers. Having the correct information on hand can give you a competitive edge. Here's what you should know about selling your home in Highlands Ranch. 

1. The market is competitive

While real estate in the Denver metro area is highly desirable, sky-high mortgage rates decrease the borrowing power of home seekers. As a result, navigating the ever-changing real estate market in Douglas County is more complex than ever. Homes spend an average of 28 days on the market. Yet, inventory slowdown can help put the odds in the favor of sellers under the right conditions. As buyers gain negotiating power, pricing and concessions will factor into how long a specific property stays on the market. With so many variables making the market unpredictable, your realtor's local knowledge is more important than ever. 

2. The best time to sell is spring or summer

Typically, April and May are some of the most active months for real estate sales in the Denver Metro area. However, as buyers' dollars are stretched further, and sellers are holding onto properties in anticipation of the ideal market, the spring increase was delayed until June. Normalization of the market after the buying frenzy in 2020 and 2021 leads to neighborhood-specific sales results that mean two similar homes in different areas can yield very different outcomes. Whether this unpredictability means high activity levels will extend through late summer remains to be seen.

3. You'll need approval for renovations

Making upgrades to your home can increase your asking price and affect how long your property stays on the market. Throughout the mountain region, HVAC conversions, siding replacement, and garage door replacement are renovations that statistically result in a high return on investment. However, it's a good idea to ask a local real estate agent about renovations buyers are currently seeking. For example, a minor kitchen remodel is a less expensive project that can work to meet the specific needs of buyers.

If you plan to take on any remodeling projects before listing your Highlands Ranch property, you must make certain preparations. Homes in the community are served by the Highlands Ranch Community Association, which sets guidelines for property modifications. Before starting any renovations, you'll need to submit an application and wait for approval from the board. The entire process can be completed online, including payment of fees and attaching relevant information. It is important to provide all necessary information and specified documents because failure to submit requested information can result in a denial.

4. Accurate pricing matters

A seller's market can lead to inflated home prices that aren't sustainable over time. Property owners who fail to pay attention to market changes are susceptible to high expectations that can ultimately set them up for failure. Your asking price is one of the most critical factors in your listing. By setting a fair price at the beginning, you'll rapidly gather interest from real estate agents and prospective buyers.

Although you may be willing to wait longer to sell your home for a higher price, this is rarely the outcome of overpricing. Instead, the property lags on the market longer than comparable homes, leading buyers to wonder what's wrong with it. Lowering your price after some time can further increase buyer doubts by (falsely) confirming their suspicions. The cycle could lead to selling your home under market value for far less than a fair price would have netted. An agent with local experience can help you determine the value of your home in the current market to help you prevent such critical mistakes.

5. Staging can help you sell faster

Home staging is getting your home ready for buyers to view. For a home seeker to make an offer, they need to be able to see the home as a comfortable space that will suit their lifestyle. Certain distractions can prevent this engagement from happening.

Home staging requires three main steps; decluttering, depersonalizing, and redecorating. Each step makes the home a space where shoppers can envision themselves spending their future. Decluttering and deep cleaning your home eliminates distractions so prospective buyers can see the positive aspects of each room. Removing personal belongings helps shoppers imagine their future home instead of viewing your current one. After eliminating distractions, redecorating in a way that will most likely appeal to a wide range of buyers adds the finishing touches to provide a dream home appeal.

Staging your Highlands Ranch home can also give you an extra opportunity to display the benefits of the community's ideal location. From how you position furniture to the artwork on the walls, each choice can reflect the beauty of the surrounding mountains. For example, you can position indoor and outdoor furniture to capture breathtaking mountain views. You can take the effect further by finding artwork that echoes the surrounding scenery. Even decor can emulate the feel of the mountains with your choice of colors and textiles.

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